Art Save The Queen, curated by London’s Ad Lib Gallery, embraces one of the largest cultural transformations of our time.
This unique collection, featuring work by dozens of world-famous artists, immortalizes Her Majesty
on the blockchain in the
form of 2022 collectible
non-fungible tokens(NFTs).

Britain’s first monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee is also the country’s biggest meme. A cultural icon ripe for praising and teasing, The Queen’s 70-year reign has withstood historic undertakings. She survived Beatlemania and watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. The birth of the World Wide Web? She witnessed that too!

Since her coronation in 1952, The Queen has served as a canvas — a royal muse — for the creative class. From Andy Warhol to The Sex Pistols she's seen her iconic brand take shape over time.

Art Save The Queen transports pop culture to the blockchain, a new frontier for creative expression. Welcome to the new era of Queen-centric collectibles.

Art Save The Queen is curated by London’s Ad Lib Gallery and runs from June 2 to June 12 at GALLERY@OXO on the city’s South Bank.

The collection features portraits and depictions of HM Queen Elizabeth II by emerging and established artists from all around the world.

Selected works from Ad Lib Gallery’s Art Save the Queen exhibition have been made into 1/1 unique NFTs.

The collectibles mark 70 years of The Queen’s
service and will drop in June 2022, commemorating Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

Each NFT is a unique collectible and is not accompanied with a roadmap. By owning a piece in this timeless collection, you own a piece of modern art—a new edition to The Queen’s pop culture legacy.

The collection features work from Nasser Azam, Harry Bunce, Karen Bystedt, Elena Cecchinato, Michal Cole, Nick Dillon, Mark Ferreira, Jo Holdsworth, Jeremy Jones, Ru Knox, Nicky Mac, Matt Mackman, Peter Mammes, James Mylne, Nick Reynolds, Ben Riley, Beau Roberts, Ernesto Romano, Perry Scott, Sena Shah, Paul Don Smith, Will Teather, Louissa Tebbutt, James Vaulkhard, Mark Webber, and more.